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Core training seeks to strengthen the muscles that surround the body's center of mass, the abdominal, lower back and hip musculature. The core is where all movements are initiated. If a person's core is weak, the entire body becomes affected. By strengthening the core muscles you will improve your posture, balance, develop power, coordination and more importantly reduce your chances of injuries.

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MyCore Fitness Personal Training

At MyCore Fitness our focus is fitness and total well-being. We provide unique programs for each individual's needs and goals.

Our experienced and certified personal trainers are committed to enhancing people's lives safely with specialized techniques of weight loss, functional strength training, muscle toning, balance training, cardiovascular conditioning and massage therapy.

 MyCore Fitness' educated and certified personal trainers are committed to helping clients become more knowledgeable about their bodies. We encourage proper technique and nutrition while assisting in setting up exercise programs    specifically for reaching ones personal goals.

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